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Supporting music education in our community.


Marc Bernal bioMarc Bernal,  Founder

I’m a musician, producer/engineer in Los Angeles California. I’ve also been working for Live Nation in concert and stage production for the last 8 years.

Music was a big part of my family growing up. I have great memories of being captured by music early on when my dad would gather us in the living room and play his classical records. He’d polish that record up, place it on the player and all of a sudden we would be transported to some magical place and time.

I studied music in school as a lad and played the trumpet in junior and high school band. Later I graduated with honors from the Los Angeles Recording Workshops head audio engineering program. Along those years I was fortunate to meet some wonderful teachers and supporters of music education. People who helped me become the person I am today. Music for me is communication, discovery, expression and love.

Join me in my journey in keeping music alive in our schools and community programs.