Musicians Support

Supporting music education in our community.

Make a donation of used musical instruments and recording gear in Los Angeles, Ca

Don’t let that musical instrument collect anymore dust! Donate it to Musicians Support Gear Drive.

Circle-guitars Instead of wasting your precious time and efforts trying to sell your used musical equipment for pennies on the dollar,  Donate your used music instruments to a local music charity.

Musicians Support helps promote awareness of local music education charities. Donate your new and used musical gear to your favorite music charity today.

The charities listed below except donations of new and used musical instruments music gear and music education related items such as:

  • Acoustic and electronic instruments
  • Amplifiers, effect pedals, cables etc.
  • Microphones, recording equipment and gear
  • Sheet music, DVDs & books related to music lessons
  • Tuners, Music stands, Accessories etc.
  • Storage and travel cases for instruments
  • DVDs and software related to music production.

circle-gear Your donations of music related gear will help support music charities in Los Angeles. By helping us raise awareness of the importance of music education you will help us keep music alive.

Please visit the charities below for details on donating music instruments and gear.

Donate your instruments to SOL-LA

Do you have a gently used and loved instrument, music stand or sheet music in need of a new home? SOL-LA will happily accept them and provide them to deserving students. We thank you for your tax deductible contribution.

To schedule an instrument drop-off, please call 310-828-2912 or email


Donate your instruments to Crescendo Young Musicians Guild

CYMG needs instruments to provide to students who cannot afford to purchase or rent their own.

Help us by donating any of the following instruments and related supplies:

-Violin, viola, cello, string bass
-Bows, strings, rosin, cases
-Flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, saxophone
-Reeds, ligatures, mouthpieces, cork grease
-Trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba
-Mouthpieces, valve oil, slide grease, mouthpiece puller
-Snare drum, cymbals; drum set & throne; drumsticks & mallets; percussion hardware
-Electric keyboard with weighted keys; keyboard stand
-Amplifiers and cords



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